How to flash BIOS by USB Memory Stick Drive ?

How to create a bootable USB memory stick drive: 

To create a bootable USB memory stick drive, Please search for HP USB Disk storage format Tool by Google and upzip it to your hard disk, then execute HPUSBFW.EXE and click on ”create a DOS startup disk” to select this option.Then please go to “using DOS system files” column and add the link to where you stored the unzipped DOS boot up files.


3. Please download the needed BIOS .zip file from DFI official website, unzip it and copy all the unzipped
files(normally two or three files) to the bootable USB pen drive. Install USB pen drive to one of USB ports on your
PC system and set it to be the bootable device on BIOS setting menu. Press [F10] to save the new setting and
reboot, now your PC system is ready to update BIOS from your bootable USB pen drive.

4. Reset your computer AFTER the completion of BIOS flash process.
5. To check whether your BIOS has been updated successfully please refer to the BIOS date code shown on the bottom left hand corner of the boot up screen.
6. Please LOAD OPTIMAL SETTINGS or LOAD BIOS SETUP DEFAULTS in the BIOS setup menu during the first system boot up after the flashing the BIOS.

WARNING: Please be very cautious during the BIOS flash process, your system may fail to boot if the BIOS was not programmed correctly.